This FAQ page is a little different than most in that these are the questions Wilson Woodworks typically asks people who call for information on flooring and other products.

Q. Is your house light and bright with high ceilings, white walls, and big windows? Or is it shaded, with small windows and small rooms?

A. This tells us whether we want to consider lighter or darker wood species. You don’t want to have to wear sunglasses in your living room, nor do you want to feel claustrophobic in a small den or dining room.

Q. What sort of heating system is used in your home?

A. Radiant or non-humidified hot air requires dimensionally stable wood. Houses with great humidification in the winter and air conditioning in the summer have a broader range of widths to choose from.

Q. Do you have kids or own any large pets?

A. Hardness can be an issue even in “hardwoods.” Birch, Walnut, and Cherry may be just fine in some houses or rooms, while others may require more durable woods such as Maple, Hickory, or Brazilian Cherry.

Q. Does your house feel more traditional or more contemporary? More formal or informal?

A. Woods with a lot of light/dark contrast tend to feel contemporary. Deeper, darker tones feel more traditional. In either type, knots or other “character” will feel less formal.

Q. How crazy will it make you to see spaces between boards next winter?

A. If you are dead set on 10” wide flooring, you’ll need to have a tolerance for “gaposis.”

Q. Are there other wood floors in your house?

A. Red Oak contrasts nicely with Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), while Walnut and White Oak complement each other. Cherry and Ash do a red-and-yellow thing that doesn’t look that great. Red Oak and White Oak make it look like you tried to match the species and failed. We want to match or find a compatible contrast.

Q. Do you want to check out the Deal du Jour?

A. There’s always something sold at less than list. Maybe it’s leftover. Maybe one of my suppliers is overstocked. Maybe I bought something on special. Occasionally I’ll buy some Sassafras or quartersawn Sycamore just because I know it was there, and I know somebody will love it (besides me).

Q. What else can you tell me?

A. We will help you choose a floor that fits your budget. We will work with you to choose a floor that best suits your lifestyle.

Q. How long will my project take? When are payments expected? Do you deliver?

A. We generally work 3-4 weeks out. Call to confirm this. We take a 50% deposit with your order, and the rest is due on delivery. We can make arrangements to have your flooring delivered anywhere in the country.