Our Milling Process

1. Receive The Raw Lumber

Our mill manufactures custom floors from raw lumber. Raw lumber is basically just cut wood from a tree. It has not yet been sanded, so it is rough lumber that usually comes in random widths.

2. Plane the Raw Lumber

Once the lumber has been received, the wood is run through a double-sided planer which brings the wood to a specific thickness. At this point, both sides of the board become smooth.

3. Rip the Planed Lumber

After the wood has been planed the sides of the board must be “ripped” to a certain width. The rip saw literally rips both edges of the board to make smooth edges that can easily be run through a machine.

4. Remove Defects From Lumber

Next the wood is taken to the chop saw. Any unwanted sections of the boards are cut out. This may include knots, sap, or skips that a customer does not want visible in the finished product.

5. Mould the Board

At this point the wood looks like simple planks. The moulder is responsible for turning these blanks into high quality flooring. It also adds grooves into the bottoms of the floors.

6. End Match the boards

The final touches are put on the flooring at the end-matcher. On opposite ends of the floor a tongue and groove are placed. This allows the floor to be interlocked when it is installed.

7. Ship the finished product

Finally the product is ready to be shipped. The flooring is loaded onto a truck and brought to customer’s home or the customer can opt to pick the flooring up themselves.